Driving Test Tips

Arrowsmith Driver Education is proud to have turned out so many successful drivers. Here are some of our favourite driving tips to help you pass your driver’s road test in BC.

  • Stop 100% at every stop sign. This is one of the easiest ways to help pass your driving test.

  • Stop 100% at ‘ALL’ red lights. Even if you are allowed to make right turns at a red light. Remember that someone else has the green light.

  • Do not speed in school zones. Even 1 KM over 30 KM is considered speeding and driving test examiners will note that.

  • Always shoulder check. Even if there is nothing there, you must always shoulder check whether you are pulling over, pulling into traffic, before lane changes, merging into traffic, and especially before making right turns (note, two shoulder checks are sometimes required for right turns).
  • Always use the parking brake. Whether on a hill or even the slightest incline use it.
  • Be confident in yourself. You just completed your driver education and you are ready. Do not allow yourself to get too nervous or cautious as that can lead to driving too slow and forgetting your other important driving skills and rules of the road.
  • Always give pedestrians the right of way. Even if they are slow or you are not sure of their intentions – give pedestrians the right of way. *Examiners pay close attention to how you act around them.
  • Practice your turns (a lot). Cutting corners or taking wide turns is not acceptable. So practice, practice, practice.
  • Look both ways at every stop, intersection, and crossing. Always be aware of who is crossing in front of you and coming towards you. You should always do this as a driver and the examiner is watching you closely here.
  • Never change lanes in an intersection. While not illegal examiners will not like this. And generally, this is not a safe practice as it can confuse oncoming traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians.
  • Learn how to deal with Emergency vehicles. It happens often that a police car, ambulance, fire truck, or other emergency vehicle is coming towards you or from behind. Ensure you know what to do and practice it.
  • Do not go over the speed limit when merging. It is tempting to go faster to get onto a freeway or a faster roadway but never go over the speed limit.
  • Practice parking on a hill. You will be tested on this.
  • Practice parking on a road. You will be tested on this.
  • Practice parallel parking. You will be tested on this.
  • Know all your hand signals. You will be tested on this.
  • Practice driving in different areas. Learning to drive in a variety of areas and road types will help give you the confidence that you need for your driving exam.
  • Drive in the area of the road test first. Practice driving in the area you will be taking your road test. Becoming familiar with the area will help you give you even more confidence.
  • Listen closely and pay attention during the test. The examiner will give you directions so always pay close attention as they will be testing your reactions and listening skills.
  • Do not get distracted by mistakes. Mistakes can happen but it does not always mean instant failure. Just focus on finishing your exam with excellent driving.
  • A good night’s rest. This should apply for driving anytime but a good sleep will make you more aware and alert during the driving test.

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